At the request of a few and the interest of a growing many more, in 2016 I resurrected the Alliance Bike Co brand. The v5 frame was to be the first in nearly a dozen years since the last production run. With a trails inspired geometry it also shreds other terrain well. I haven't planned to make a big thing of Alliance, but I just wanted to get a few frames (and maybe some other products) out there to friends and fans interested in what Alliance Bike Co is and/or was to them in the past.

Having undergone  a number of refinements, the new v5 frame still resembles the spirit of and has a number of similarities to the previous versions - the PSI. Since doing the first runs of v5 frames I have moved onto a park frame. Designed with the help of local pro and Canadian National Champion Jaden Chipman, the p1 frame promises to have all you park shredders ripping.

I first started Alliance Bike Co in 2000 because I had a growing desire to do something in the industry I had grown up a part of since 1982. So in the early 2000's I designed a few products, sourced manufacturers, sponsored a number of riders worldwide and had worldwide distribution. By about 2006 I had burnt myself out trying to work a full time day job while doing Alliance nearly full time as well. It was a great roll while it lasted. My love of BMX went dark, I packed it all in and got rid of nearly everything BMX related that had been such a huge part of my life for nearly 24 years.

In 2012 I started to ride BMX again at Joyride150 and the BMX spark was rekindled. I started riding more frequently in the summers and the passion grew. In 2016, at the behest of countless friends, I got a rather large batch of Alliance tshirts made. Then came a new frame design and another and another and another with a couple other things in the pipeline. And now here we are.

I haven't restarted Alliance Bike Co to make money, sponsor a bunch of riders, nor do I have other grandiose thoughts of making Alliance as big as it once was (for an independent company). I've simply started it again because the passion was still there - my passion for adding something to the BMX community and my passion for BMX riding. People have seemed to enjoy this 'new' 'boutique' BMX company, so I've chosen to roll with it. Little do many of you know how deep the roots of Alliance Bike Co go. And I think that's okay. The wheels are turning.

-Past Thoughts via a Dig Magazine Ad-

In our sperical space of green gas and deep blue sea, working harder to attain more of that almighty dollar and trying to fit in all that time with the brain sucking idiot box, motivation itself can quickly fade to become a rare commodity. Real motivation is borne out of our passions and strengths. Your passions may include music, writing, drawing, painting, spending time with the wife, drinking, hiking or maybe even gazing unabashedly into that evil idiot box. My passions for the past 20 years, firstly and foremost, BMX riding. It's somehting I've grown up with; something I've fallen in love with over and over again. It's something that's beaten the hell of me many times, and all I ever find myself doing is crawling back to it with even a greater zest each and every time. BMX has always been there, in it's death (in the early '90's), and then in it's rebirth and explosion into the new millinnium. Through the thick and thin of my life, BMX has been the constant, as I am sure many of you can relate. No matter how much shit has gone wrong and no matter how dark that tunnel may have seemed, all I have ever needed to do is hop back on that little kids bike and start pedalling again, and the cruel dark world becomes bright and right again. This small group of guys that we have amassed over the past couple years are all about keeping it real to what they believe in. I could go on for hours about each of them, about what BMX means to them, and how much they mean to the Alliance brand. They have a passion to push the BMX envelope in ways it has never seen. I guess that can be said of many of you as well. BMX is a sport, it's a way to express yourself, a means to escape that outside world that is clawing at you to conform. The BMX lifestyle can be as normal or abnormal as you want it to be. You have the means to make it what you want it to be. You are the rider; you push the chain which in turn, turns the wheels of change. Get motivated and go ride.

(excerpt from a Dig BMX magazine Alliance Bike Co ad ~ 2003)