At the request of a few and the interest of a growing many more, just over a year ago I decided to resurrect the Alliance Bike Co brand. This frame is the first in nearly a dozen years since the last production run. I haven't planned to make a big thing of Alliance (not that it was all that big before in the early 2000's), but I just wanted to get a few frames out there to friends and fans interested in what Alliance is and/or was to them in the past.

Having undergone  a number of refinements, the new frame still resembles the spirit and has a number of similarities to the previous versions.

Alliance Bike Co v5 Prototype Specs:

  • Top Tube Lengths: – 20.75″, 21.25″

  • Chainstay Length: – 13.75″ – 14.125″

  • Head Tube Angle: – 74.25°

  • Seat Tube Angle: – 71°

  • Standover Height: – 8.75″

  • BB Height: – 11.75″

  • BB Type: – Mid

  • Dropouts: – 3/16″ Heat Treated w/ 14mm Slots

  • Seatstay Brake Mounts

  • Weight: – 5lbs (21.25″tt)